Surface Finish Requirement



Reflector Housing

  • Application – Medical – Specimen Analysis – GOLD Plated

  • Reflective Pocket Profile & Surface Finish

  • Undefined Requirements on Reflectivity

  • K&G machined parts, Sub-Contracted Polishing & Plating

  • Exceeded Customer Expectations

  • Process controlled to achieve the undefined requirements of the reflective surface




    Cost Reduction


manufacture weapons fin


  • Defense – Tank Projectile

  • Fin used 1 ½ deg. cant angle to create rotation of projectile

  • Blade area was being EDM’ed at a cost of approximately $450 per fin

  • K&G developed a simple solution to machine blade area

  • K&G’s unique approach reduced the cost of the fin by 90% saving over $1200 per round

  • Cost saving made the program fiscally viable for continued development



    Flexible Manufacturing


 Multi-Pallet Fixture System

  • Aerospace – Transfer Pump- F-22 Raptor

  • Customers casting supplier had a catastrophic failure of one of their vacuum chambers

  • Castings were sent in 12-18 pc lots each month

  • Allowed our customer to meet their monthly engine build schedule




    Superior Quality



  • Application – Defense – 120MM Tank Round

  • Previous Supplier was no longer viable

  • Customer came to K&G to become supplier of Sabot

  • K&G developed more robust process that met the current cost model

  • Received approval of FAAT on first submission – Only supplier to ever accomplish this

  • Delivered product on time, eliminating any down time in assembly





    Process Improvement


Skeg Profiling

  • Marine – High Performance Lower Units

  • Customer previously had lower unit skeg profiles ground by hand

  • Inconsistent Results & Expensive

  • K&G proposed the machining of the profile and then final blend

  • More consistent results & reduced cost

  • Customer now uses this process as part of their design of new lower units

  • K&G became supplier of choice on ALL lower units




    Process Development




  • Application – Auxiliary Aircraft Fuel Pump

  • Machined complete from block of Forged Aluminum

  • Collaborated with customer on outside configuration to reduce weight & manufacturing cost

  • Provided quick turn-around to support compressed development time frame (1 year vs. 5 years)

  • Performed anodizing and sub-assembly



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