Mike Goerges – Pequot Tool & Manufacturing

We had been reluctant to outsource some of the tougher parts that we make in house.  K&G has done a fantastic job on them.  Their quality is very good, they ask all the right questions up front and their customer service is top notch.



Rick Henfling  – ACS

I consider K&G to be the first choice for machining of complex aluminum housings. Having worked with them on several difficult projects I know I can expect quality results in a timely manner from K&G.



Marshall Fitch – Colorware

“We went to K&G for a large order of our custom Grip for iPad product as we weren’t set up for large machining runs.  Their salesmen were extremely helpful in getting everything set up, and their engineers even gave us a couple of aesthetic tips on the design that made it more refined.  They also helped with finishing and surface prep operations to make painting the parts even easier.  The parts we received from K&G were better than we were producing on our own.  I will definitely be going back to K&G for any other parts we need made.”



Joe LaBonne – LaMachine Shop, Inc.

K&G Team. I wanted to let you know how great it is to work with a customer that is always on top of things.  As  a vendor of precision machined parts,  we see so many customers that are disorganized and it is nice to know that you are always quick to respond to any questions that come up. I feel you really know the value of getting things right.  Rita is very thorough has been terrific to work with in purchasing and we can always get the required information from your quality department if questions come up during production. Looking forward to many years of shared success!


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